Once, two leaders who had never been able to understand each other, decided to organize a fight between the largest and most powerful of their kingdoms. A champion was chosen by each, and each leader was happy with the strength, power and majesty of his favorite.

The news of a great and important fight very soon went viral among their people, and led to passion, bets, and challenges and each one sure of winning, bet on their champion.

Who would win?

The expectation and excitement for the show grew more and more and, when everything was ready, a problem was born …

Where would they fight?

Having no neutral place, after much discussion, they decided that the fight would be between a beach and the sea. When the great day arrived, the elephant did not want to enter the depth of the sea, and when the whale entered shallow waters it full of fear returned to its depths…

We all suffer from superiority, inferiority or fear complexes, in different ways.

For you, others are different in strength, beliefs, vision, values, knowledge, experience, body, age and philosophy. When you compare yourself with them, the struggle of the ego that creates distance and difference is born, but when you bring your Being closer to their Being, closeness and Love are born.

Do not judge nor compare yourself with ANYONE. Do not forget that you are unique and one-of-a-kind! Walk your Path, listen to your Music, seek your Being, and you will be free!