This is the second article in a series and, if you have not already done so, it is important that you first read this article.

As I said before, there must be a Force that allows you to exist, function as well as create the change in you.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Sages and Yogis, through their inner investigation into the nature of the Self, discovered that there is a Creative Force or Operative Principle that they affectionately called the Cosmic Mother, or ‘The Force that Creates Things’, or’ The Force that has the Ability to Create Something’ or ‘someone who does something in a special way’ and that many, mistakenly, call the force of nature. She is an Infinite and primary Energy that has created all the diversities and multiplicities of the universe and thus the nature that controls all natural phenomena is under her control. (Here I am not talking about this Force being the Supreme Being, just as the electricity that gives us light and/or heat is not, it is simply a Force and, just like you, me and the whole universe, is part of the ONE).

Because I also have affection for her, I will similarly call her ‘The Cosmic Mother’.

If we study an atom we see that it is pure energy. Electrons and protons revolve around a nucleus. Just as every entity in the universe – made by atoms – that atom is a minuscule replica of the universe. Matter with empty space between it.

What is the universe made of?

The Yogis discovered that ‘As Above, so Below’ and that a human being is a micro universe in itself, and in it are represented all the five fundamental factors of the universe that – from the most gross to the most subtle – are:

Solid, Liquid, Luminous, Aerial and Ethereal.

Think about it and you will see that there is nothing but those elements, and you, me and everyone else, are made of them.

Until recently, scientifically speaking, the ether did not exist and scientists, until now, have not been able to prove its existence; but we know that it exists because electromagnetic waves are transmitted through it.

And in your body where is it located and by whom is the ether controlled? It is in the energy center (Cakra) of the throat. And what’s in your throat? The vocal cords … that allow you to speak … and that’s why those words are transmitted through the ether …

We will return to that fascinating world later.

We also know that no scientist – or anyone – has the ability to create something new that is not a mixture of the fundamental factors. So, logically, because this Force has created and constantly creates them, it must be very powerful.

Then those Yogis, always through transcendental knowledge, understood that this Creative Force acts positively or negatively, and also that it has three principles – attributes, ties, or tendencies – that have always existed within it and that influence the entire universe.

So within each entity (thing, plant, animal or human being) there are these three forces in various degrees that, interacting constantly between them and according to their different nature and qualities, affect the existence of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that exists in the universe, you included and that, as a constant and infinite flow that moves in each atom, create changes in ALL the universe.

Whether you want or not, you MUST tolerate that influence.


Maybe but, like many things that are not under your control – such as being subject to the law of gravity, the fact that one day you must die, that you must eat and drink to live, that at every moment you you age more and more etc.) you can not do anything other than accept it.

These are the Laws of Nature – or, for those who believe, of the Supreme Being – and -separate or not, whether you like it or not, deny it or not- you are under their TOTAL control.

But, because I do not want to frustrate you too much, there is something that you can decide, and that is under your control.

You can decide if you IGNORE THEM, and live like an ostrich, or UNDERSTAND THEM and ACCEPT THEM, learn how they work, follow them and be part of them.

The first option will lead to disharmony and suffering, and the other, in addition to leading you to Supreme Happiness, will save you a lot of pain and problems that otherwise will affect you much, much more.

Let’s return…

Look at a flower. It is born, it becomes a bud, it reaches the beauty of its maximum splendor, it decays … and it dies. And as it happens to the flower, it happens to you, to an ant, to a galaxy, and to ANY object or creature of this universe.

To understand why this happens, time has come to go and get to know -and to make friends- with the Three Universal Principles that affect us so much …

The Three Universal Principles of Cosmic Energy

1. The Pure or Subtle Force – It is white and the subtle force that brings peace and happiness. It give the sense of existence, the sense of ‘I exist’ or ‘I am’. I’m going to call it ‘the White Force’.

It represents Self-Knowledge, Love, service, purity, ethics, peace, happiness, the sense of relief, and awakens the desire to seek freedom from bondage. It is considered the force of spirituality.

It is the same force that gives you beautiful, subtle feelings, that make you think of the Great, and of beauty, art, creativity, tranquility, peace, love, of the joy of giving, serving, of the desire to know yourself, centered in the Self.

It can be represented as a beautiful flower in its full splendor.

Would not it be spectacular to always be in such a state? A state where there is no envy, jealousy, low feelings and, instead, there is joy, you feel relaxed, calm and at peace with yourself and with the world?

2. The Force of Movement or the Mutative Force – It is red and the most active of the three since its characteristic is that of acting. It represents the force that transforms everything, the force that propels the constant movement, the action, the change, the force that obsesses with the feeling of doing, and enjoying the results of its actions. It gives the sense of ‘I do, I act’ and it keeps you in the small ‘I’ (the ego) always busy doing something. I’m going to call it ‘the Red Force’.

It is the force of emotions such as fear, jealousy, entrepreneurship and business, action, desire for fame and/or power. I point out to you that these are also all emotions that, if they are not balanced with Pure Energy, give you instability and imbalance.

You can start and do business, but always balancing it with the Subtle Force. Otherwise, you can undoubtedly attain wealth, but at the same time experience mental and spiritual degeneration. You will see!

It can be represented as the bud of a flower in full growth.

When you are under its control or influence, your mind is restless, agitated, nervous, anxious, unable to concentrate on a specific task, and unable to meditate or relax. You think of thousands of things and do not know what to do with yourself, or what to do first, because you want to do everything at the same time :-).

Does it sound familiar to you? It is nothing strange, the mutative force is in you.

3. The Static or Crude Force – It is black and represents the force of inertia, decay and death.

After ‘I exist’ and ‘I do’, this energy represents the ‘I have done’ or the action itself. ‘It gives the result of the action and expresses its reaction’. (I will explain this later).

It happens when in that object the other two energies are withdrawing – or when there are no longer there – just like the flower that grows, reaches its splendor, and decays.

And, although people do not know the real reason, that is why the color black – which is not a color, because it is the absence of all colors (the other energies) – has always been considered as the color of the death, evil and darkness.

The Static Force can be represented as a decaying or dead flower.

When you are under your control or influence, you feel powerless, lethargic, lazy, without initiative or unwilling to do anything.

Does it happen to you that you do not want to get out of bed? That you do not you want to go to work, or go to exercise? Do you eat – or drink –  from gluttony until you only enjoy what you eat? Do you lie on the couch watching TV without wanting to go to sleep? Are you under the spell of drugs, alcohol, (obsessive) sex or various vices? Are you afraid to act and start? You are under the control of the Static Force.

As I said before, to speed up the reading I will call the three forces or energies as the White, the Red, and the Black Forces.

You must here be VERY clear that these are the colors of three principles so they have NOTHING to do with the color of a person’s skin, which is the outer shell and which has no spiritual significance. A black person, poor and uneducated, can have a beautiful mind of a shining white, just as it can happen that a person of white race, rich, famous and educated, can have a gross, black and degenerated mind.

Here the base rule: When one of those three energies (White, Red or Black) predominates in an object or creature (be it a plant, animal or person), that entity takes on the qualities of that predominant force.

So, before we move on, let’s look at a little summary.

The Cosmic Mother can be positive or negative, and has within her three forces or principles that have always existed in her -which we will call the White (the Subtle), the Red (the Mutative) and the Black (the Crude) Forces, and each one has the characteristic and the power to bind (or crudify) anything that comes in contact with it.

I will speak to you later about the positive and negative functions of the Cosmic Mother.

In the next articles we will see how those forces influence everything you do and how, understanding them, you can apply that knowledge in your daily life.

Have you been told about this at your university or college? I don’t believe so. They never told me. This is part of a tiny fraction of Transcendental Knowledge that never changes and that leads you to Knowing Yourself, and to Supreme Happiness.

Don’t you think it’s TOO important for you not to learn it?