Today I want to tell you about the Seasons of Life and share a bit of my story and how, by making an important decision – maybe just a little bit – I will contribute to improving yours.

Just like you, every thing, being or entity of the universe is subject to some stages. And so you are also born, live and die going through several stages or ‘Seasons’.

What does nature show you? A tree, in spring is in full growth, blooms in summer, in autumn its leaves turn yellow and fall, and thus it arrives at winter, when it rests and ends its cycle.

Although you will not return to flourish with the same body, you also live in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In Spring you discover the world, you study, you learn, you fall in love and you look for your path. It is when you feel invincible, you want to discover, to travel, to understand, to love, and you want to save the world.

In Summer you learn to take on the duties of a home, to raise a family, buy your house, educate your children, have a social life, have responsibilities, work and reach an economic stability. It is the stage when you most intensely experience physical, emotional, social and material attachments.

In Fall you reach the stage of retirement and transition. Your children have already grown up and gradually you start giving them your responsibilities. You have already understood how life works and you know that it is no longer necessary to run so much for money, fame or power. You assume more of an advisory role and, before entering the final and most powerful phase of your existence, you slowly withdraw from the world.

In Winter, renouncing the world and its infinite desires, you become detached. You focus much more on ‘your world’, on spirituality, on meditation, on introversion, on the simplicity of life, and prepare yourself for ‘the great journey’. At this stage, where there is no longer an emphasis on wealth, security and pleasure, you focus on peace and Supreme Happiness.

Any human being can be in this stage at any time and age, because it is focused on spirituality. For example, a boy, without waiting to reach a mature age, can decide not to create a family and take the path of Renunciation. He will live in Spring and, at the same time and because he has renounced the world, in Winter. And the same will happen or will continue in the Summer and Autumn ages. We can say that person lives their Spring/Winter, Summer/Winter or Autumn/Winter.

Each season, if understood, is wonderful in itself, and each carries a potential of different energy that, if you know how to use and enjoy it in the right way, allows us to live a full and happy life (Read Map To Navigate Happy for Life).

And here is the part of my story that I mentioned.

Although as a monk I entered the Renunciation stage from a young age, and I have already gone through my Spring/Winter and Summer/Winter, my social commitments, and perhaps my many imperfections, have prevented me from living them completely and in all their intensity.

At this moment I am in my Autumn/Winter. My beard is turning white and my skin is no longer the same. Although the level of explosive energy that I have always had has changed, I notice with great pleasure, that now my energy is calm and that my perception of happiness is much more internal and profound.

I am no longer interested in ‘running’, I am not interested in the noise of the world, traveling, getting to know for the simple pleasure of getting to know, or starting new adventures of entrepreneurship or discovering something external. I have not had a television for decades, I am not interested in entertainment or seeing news that has been programmed to scare, or that does not contribute to me in any way. Nor do I read novels or adventures, but rather I focus particularly on what great Sages and Master have said about the ‘Essence’ that, having been written only for a few ‘adepts’, I strive to make comprehensible and accessible to all.

So, does that mean that I’m going to withdraw from the world?

No, it’s just that now I like the stillness, the tranquility, the contemplation, the thinking about The Great. By always asking me more “questions of power”, I am in the phase of ‘learning to unlearn’.

Now, when I have to make a decision I think: “Is this something that will help me to realize my human Dharma (Read the Primordial Purpose of the Human Being and the Pracar Dharma) that walks towards the divine, or that will contribute to the welfare of others, or that will lead me to Supreme Happiness? “

If the answer is NO to any of the three, then I’m not interested anymore.

Each human has a limited amount of energy and – with that awareness that becomes even stronger during Autumn and Winter – it is of utmost importance to use it wisely.

The non-acting on or neglecting things of little or no importance, does not mean inactivity, but that ‘not-doing’ is transformed into the sobriety of Knowledge and the tranquility of inner peace.

At this moment I feel that I am in the best ‘Seasion’ of my life.

Recently, at 57 years of age, after an intensely-lived Spring and Summer I decided to found PanaceAM, a Socio-spiritual Movement that was -and will- contribute to awakening the dehumanized and anesthetized society that surrounds us.

Before doing so, I thought a lot about its philosophy and how to adapt it to current needs, also because I knew that having an organization would mean having to dedicate a lot of my time to thousands of important and necessary occupations that no longer fit in with my Autumn/Winter.

And I also thought that it would mean to give up my tranquility and anonymity that I had always valued and defended. When I watched the public figures I felt sorry for them, maybe because somehow they had lost that anonymity that I liked so much. It was at that time when, reflecting deeply whether to launch or not, I realized that I had been ‘afraid’ of ‘success’ and ‘fame’ and that I did not want to be ‘popular’ or ‘famous’.

What to do? How to mix my hermit’s soul with that noisy future? How, avoiding being a public figure, helping and at the same time living as my Self dictated to me?

At that time I did not find a solution but, because of the strong ideological drive and the desire to do something good, I decided to launch myself into Social Networks.

Soon, hundreds of messages, which touched my heart even more, began to arrive. The suffering was everywhere, even in people who had personal profiles that seemed wonderful.

Fear, dogma, insecurity, lack of confidence, lack of discipline, lack of self-esteem, inferiority complexes, problems in relationships with parents, children, rapes, abuse, mistreatment of all kinds…

A lot to do, a lot, too much to do … and with me in my Autumn/Winter season!

One day, suddenly, I understood that a few – the Pearls – tired by the inflated ego of ‘famous’ characters who only wanted fame and money, maybe they were looking for the inspiration and help of a monk with a white beard who was not looking for anything for himself. So I gave into the pain and accepted my new role in my heart.

I knew I could lead PanaceAM, but was I REALLY interested?

I started alone. Very soon, valuable guys and girls got my message and came to me and PanaceAM. As it happens in life, I also met some who did not understand me and thought to use my ‘simplicity’. They did not know that ‘simplicity’, polished and refined by the blows of life, did not mean stupidity or mental awkwardness at all …

Today, with a selection that is constantly defined by sincerity and the spirit of service, we are a small group of pioneering ‘crazy’ people who are struggling to take this message to the world. We still need experts in audio visuals, in social networks, in advertising, and anything that can help make us known.

I’m sure they will arrive!

In addition, and here is the most important news, I decided to give up a good part of my occupations and responsibilities – and the ‘power’ that comes with them – to a person capable of exercising them.

Maybe that may seem like a way to evade my responsibilities but mine is a wise and rational decision that I have taken for the welfare of PanaceAM.

What qualities and requirements should that person have to whom I am handing over something that I consider so important?

She must have an ideological mind that she has already proven in many years of her existence, be knowledgable of the spiritual philosophy that I teach, understand and share the goal of PanaceAM, and she should be ready to dedicate her life to achieve that Goal. Also, without having an agenda or personal motivation, she must have proven her sincerity and spirit of sacrifice to the Movement. But all of the above would not be enough if she did not also have a capable, organized and brilliant mind.

Among all the people I know and with whom I am working, I recognized those qualities in Didi Ananda Rashmika and so Didi -who is still in her full Summer/Winter – after the publication of this letter, will be the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PanaceAM.

In addition, because social justice and gender equality are part of PanaceAM’s philosophy, a woman’s leadership will send a clear and strong message to all women … and men who ‘understand’, and will inspire them even more to be part of our Movement.

In PanaceAM – where responsibilities are not based on gender, race or skin color – the fundamental and most appreciated qualities are sincerity, dedication, compassion, spirit of sacrifice and fighting spirit for the welfare of others.

So, from today, I will be the Founder Mentor of PanaceAM and – in addition to continuing on my spiritual Path – I will dedicate myself more to writing, teaching meditation, recording videos, preparing retreats, conferences and seminars, helping anyone who may need me and contribute as best as possible, to transform PanaceAM into a powerful Socio-Spiritual Movement dedicated to Universal Well-being and the transformation of all suffering beings.

The INFINITE is ALREADY within you … Discover it!