Because it comes from the spirit of survival and because they give you security it is only natural that in the first evolutionary stage you consider wealth and material possessions as your primary needs. Fortunately for you, thanks to the brain and mental expansion (limbic brain and neurocortex), one day you reach a degree of spiritual elevation that, in the pursuit of Supreme Happiness, you push yourself to look always more inside, to know you yourself, and to understand who you are and why you exist …

Because the tendency of the majority becomes the norm for all, the collective imagination has created the vision of the poor but honest spiritualist, and of the miserly and dishonest rich. I do not agree with that belief! I choose both because, with the right ideation, one does not exclude the other.

I prefer a spiritualist who, without losing his main goal, is able to produce wealth that – in addition to bringing wellbeing to his family – will be used for Service and the growth of society. Nor do I think that everyone will act as a missionary, but I do think that we all have the duty – and the privilege – to serve and contribute to the growth of our Universal Family.

Of course, controlling wealth is like playing with fire, and that is why the Sages and Masters of all times have always, and rightly so, warned about that danger. I myself am witness to how several spiritualists, apparently established in spiritual practices, collapsed at coming in contact with wealth and power and the temptations that came with them. In other words, anyone can buy a spirited and fierce stallion, but that does not mean that anyone can ride and tame it.

For you that horse is called ‘ego’.

Accumulating without giving is like placing water continuously in a container that, no matter how big, one day will be filled. And what happens if it stays full for a while? Its water will stagnate and start to smell bad. So if you want to continue receiving fresh water you will have to give part of your contents. It is for this reason that whoever is selfish – who always accumulates only by thinking about himself – is obsessed with having more and more and that, although full of wealth, he never “fills up” and never is, nor will be, satisfied. One day, clinging to his beloved money, he must leave everything forever …

And this is also why the one who evolves spiritually, KNOWS that he should give. GIVING and SERVING, apart from practices for self-realization (which are also part of Service), is the most important thing that a human being – worthy to be called so – can do.

You have accepted, endured and suffered thousands of hours [between 25 and 35,000 in 14 to 20 years] of formal education. You have certainly learned a lot, both useful and useless, but they have not taught you about your integral wellbeing, about the primordial purpose of your existence, nor the way to reach that Supreme Happiness.

You are and you represent the expression, beauty and complexity of your being … human. When you understand that something, someone, or some teaching can help you expand your mind, comprehend and understand yourself to reach the Self and Happiness, you want it all NOW. I understand you, and we are the same in that.

What to do?

Learn what Dharma is and do Dharma Pracar.

What is Dharma Pracar?

In the Sanskrit language we find two words that have a deep meaning and that I am using here because they do not have a translation in English:

Dharma, which means nature, duty, and essential characteristic of an entity (human, animal, plant or thing). For example, the characteristic of fire is to burn, that of water is to wet, that of animals is eating, sleeping, procreating and being afraid. The characteristic of human beings – besides sharing those of the animals too – is to be happy, Supremely Happy, and

Pracar [pronounced Prachar] which means ‘The Propagation of philosophy and spiritual practices’.

The two together mean “The Propagation of the philosophy and spiritual practices of the Primordial Purpose of the Human Being.”

Why do Dharma Pracar?

There are only two types of knowledge: the one that takes you to Supreme Happiness and all the rest, however useful or futile. Knowing how to choose defines your SUCCESS!

In the first kind there are several stages. You must constantly study to eliminate any deficiency that may arise from dogmatic beliefs and fears. You must take advantage of such knowledge to control your ideas; through superior questions (those that inquire and that lead you to understand your Purpose of Life), achieve a consolidation of the spiritual ideology that will lead you to the surrender to and unification with the Supreme Being.

In the second type of knowledge, the knowledge of the world, one should constantly study to eliminate any deficiency and thus promote universal welfare. At the same time, a rational process of analysis should be used to take advantage of such knowledge, and then look for ways to bring it to the practical world so that it is of benefit to all humanity.

Dharma Pracar means to transmit valuable teachings for the integral growth of the human being, teachings that I consider wonderful and that have transformed me since I met them. So when I write to you, I speak and I inspire you to understand and to improve yourself, I am doing Dharma Pracar. When you transmit that teaching to whom you love, you are doing Dharma Pracar. Dharma Pracar is the highest way to serve others, whether they are rich or poor, and includes animals because it is the duty of humans – like older siblings – to love and care for them.

In my case, because of luck, destiny, desire of the Great or my good Karma – even making mistakes and learning about Life the hard way – I have been and consider myself VERY fortunate because I have received a lot.

What else can I do now, but give?

So therefore Dharma Pracar is my Mission in life and because it is the primary purpose of the human being to achieve Supreme Happiness. Although it may seem strange in the spiritual world, it also means fighting against everything that prevents that achievement, and this includes the struggle for Social Justice and the Liberation of the Intellect, caring for the planet and all its inhabitants.

That commitment is transmuted into hard work, sacrifice and dedication to others. For me this month the physical work of the Babanagar Foundation ends. Everything is done! There are no debts and the Foundation owns the land and everything it contains. Now, apart from ensuring the maintenance of the Home, I can dedicate myself, with greater determination, to bring Self-knowledge (according to my capacity and knowledge) to the maximum number of people.

Who helps me in that?

What can you do?

At the beginning learn, question, think, investigate, reflect to see if what you are learning, in addition to being logical, rational and scientific, CONVINCES YOU, and is right for you. How do you know?

Ask your heart, your logic, your intelligence, your intuition, your Self, and the correct answer will come to you. If that does not happen, you must REJECT it and look elsewhere.

But if you think that this learning is important and selfless – because you are receiving it without giving anything in return – you will feel that your ‘container’ is filling up, and you will feel the desire to transmit what is helping and/or transforming you.

And in that moment you will feel Love that you will transform in the act of Giving, because Giving is an act of Love. So, because you love, you will feel the desire to share with others what is good for you. That is Dharma Pracar, your Dharma Pracar.

In the past the transmission of the ‘primary Purpose of Life (Dharma)’ was transmitted to a restricted number of disciples who were ready to leave everything to learn it. Today, and because spirituality is a friend of science and progress, we are going to take advantage of Social Networks. In this blog, on YouTube, on Facebook, and in other Social Networks we will comment on teachings that will help you in your progress and integral growth (physical, mental and spiritual). Although “how to achieve material wealth” is not the goal of this group, if necessary we can also talk about it.

My vision and mission is to find and activate the few ‘Pearls’ who want to achieve Supreme Happiness and who are ready to undertake a double struggle: towards their mental expansion and Main Goal, and towards the Selfless Service to the Universal Family.

PS – I want to take this opportunity to thank a group of boys and girls who are generously donating part of their time so that, through social networks, Dharma Pracár can reach all of you and contribute to improve and/or transform your lives