Our Events

Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and Intensive Retreats for a psycho-physical, mental and spiritual preparation and transformation.

PanaceAM is a non-profit foundation and, among others, (link) aims to reach the maximum number of people to benefit them with her teachings.

All our content – original, novel and at the same time taken generously from ancient knowledge – is focused on integral health, mental expansion and Self Knowledge, and has been intended with the purpose of helping to find Supreme Happiness.

The content is virtual and experiential.

A. VIRTUAL – Online material consisting of articles, videos, podcasts and online courses, which are benefiting thousands of people, educating them with valuable lessons to live better and happier lives.

B. VIVENCIAL – With programs on-site such as retreats, seminars, workshops or conferences.

Because humans are holistic beings formed by body, mind and Self, each program is complete in itself, and aims to benefit you in the integral growth on those three levels.

Because you can have big dreams but, if for example you do not know how to take care of your health, you do not know how to eat healthily, or have liver or circulation problems, or you do not have self-discipline, you will not be able to achieve the success you so much want.

Therefore we teach in such a way that each student, without becoming dependent on us, and according to his/her effort and sincerity, can progress quickly.

Experiential Programs

As much as the geniuses of Silicon Valley manage to strive to make the Internet an ever more real experience, they will NEVER be able to create what is called ‘reality’. An affectionate hug – because it is a vibrational experience – can be felt – and transmitted – only by hugging a person.

And on a spiritual level this is even more the case. No matter how important or meaningful YouTube may be, you will NEVER be able to reproduce the emotions and vibrations that are generated in an experiential program such as a conference or a seminar focused on the Self. And even less so if that experience is two full days, with twelve hours of daily coexistence, talks, workshops and enriching and subtle experiences.

Even after a long time on the Path, some of the transformations and deep and immediate changes that occur still manage to surprise us. Hundreds of people have left their testimonies of what they have achieved, and in this site you will find some of them.

But, is it true science?
No, because nobody knows what happens in the Self of the attendee and what is his/her spiritual evolution. And so it may happen that in a few instants a profound impact and a permanent transformation can be experienced. And in the same way it may take a few instants, hours, days or a whole life on the Path.

But it is also true that the experiential programs done by spiritualists without motivation for money have an unparalleled level of impact. With personal interaction, vibration, life lessons, sharing and spiritual practices together, you learn faster and more deeply. That is why our way of serving, in addition to our online work, includes a vast range of retreats, seminars and conferences.

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