Today I’m going to talk about you and I’m going to do that using the tone I would use when I talk to a smart and awakened friend.

Actually I’m not here to convince you but to make you think in a logical and rational way and, in the process, try to shake some of your beliefs.

Your body

Because you may or may not believe in a Supreme Being, I will start from the most basic and closest to you: your body. So, because you touch and feel it, you can not say that it does not exist.

Your brain has evolved in millions of years since the amoeba phase – which did not have one – until today and has constantly changed adding the reptilian, limbic and neuro-cortex parts. That is wonderful, but to go one step further, we will see a small part of what in the last seven thousand years, as humans, we have discovered about ourselves.

Since the closest thing to you is your body, you give it a lot of attention and care. Better said, you love it and it is the most important thing you have. At the same time, when you approach the subtle world, you soon realize that your beloved body is simply a ‘machine’, and is like a shell that holds something much more important but without it they could not exist: your mind (with your little ‘I’) and your Consciousness or Self (with your universal or cosmic ‘I’).

What is it made of? At first glance we would say that of flesh, blood, bones, skin, etc. But when we study carefully, we notice that the body is made up of billions of individual cells. And if we look even closer at those cells, we will see that they are made of atoms and if we go even deeper, we will find … energy, pure energy. The whole universe is energy, and everything in it has a frequency, either crude or subtle, that constantly vibrates.

The Cosmic Energy

If we use logic, we know that there is no electronic object or equipment that can work without any kind of energy.

What is the energy that moves your body and makes you think?

When you enter the subtle – or spiritual – world very soon you realize that there is a special energy in you, an energy that flows and is part of you. You notice that you are an energy field that pulsates constantly and that blends with the energetic field of everything that surrounds you, be it something inanimate, plant, animal or person. And that’s not all.

In some way, each object of the universe influences your sidereal plexus (in the center of the chest) and all your glands and sub-glands, making you part of a huge ‘organism’ and part of the ONE.

The ancient Sages called that energy Prana, or Ki (of AiKIdo), or Chi (of Tai CHI Chuan).

It is a primary energy, like a rhythmic and ‘Vital Field’ that feeds you and stays with you until it leaves you gradually, when you die. Later I will give you more information about this and about how death happens or that which is life.

For now I needed to mention it so that you understand the concept, but let’s return to ours.

We generally define energy as “the capacity of matter to produce work in the form of movement, light, heat, etc.” Or as the “capacity and strength to act physically or mentally”. We differentiate it in nuclear, kinetic, hydraulic, solar, electric, wind energy …

So, just like the rest of the universe, your body is made of pure energy. And so – as in the universe – there is positive and negative energy in it.

What energy would you like to have or experience in your body?

In any case, your body vibrates with both but, just like you, it prefers and vibrates better with positive energy. Because you love your body and it is important for you, your challenge will be to nurture it with that ideal and congenial energy for it.

How to do it?

As it is clear that your body exists, it is also clear that it grows from and feeds on everything you eat, drink and breathe. Better said, each one of your cells -physically- is made of what you eat. So, later, it will be important to determine if what you eat is what suits your body.

We will return to this with the necessary details so that you can make this teaching effective and practical in your daily life.

So what we call ‘food’ is fundamental to living. The body, which many pseudo-spiritualists, philosophers or idealists consider low, dirty, and sinful, is also the basis of life. Rather, without a body there is no mind, and without a mind there is no Self …