If you are BRAVE, and you are not afraid to look at yourself, I propose a simple and easy – although profound – method that I can GUARANTEE, thanks to my personal experience and those of many others. Following it you will discover what you truly want in your life, and how you must act to make it a reality.

The method includes SEVEN PHASES and next weekend – or when you dedicate yourself to this – you can act only in the first three. Only by acting from the fourth phase can you reach ‘YOUR’ success.


If you say you want to change but in your heart you do not want to, I advise you to stop reading. This is a method that requires a minimum of ‘work’, but if you live well within your comfort zone, reading and also acting on the 2400 words of this article will seem a lot. Nor can you have the excuse that you do not have money and that you can not participate in this workshop, (where I could charge a good amount), BECAUSE IT IS A GIFT.

If you analyze your past maybe you will reach this conclusion: ‘I do not know how to transform my dream into reality because I DO NOT HAVE DESIRE to work, I do not feel like SACRIFICING ME, and I do not feel like RENUNCIATING the small pleasures that seem important to me and that please my mind.

I know that any advantage that is given to those who do NOT want to change is a useless advantage. If you are still reading, it is better to stop now, and you will have better excuses to continue being who you are. Please stop reading HERE.


If you want to be successful you will find the way to follow this method with PERSEVERANCE.


I decided to write this article because I am often asked how to discover – or understand – what is the true passion, dream or goal of life. And because I can not reach everyone with workshops in each city and, most of all, because I do not want many to waste precious time, here I am going to give you the method.

Two of the many similar questions I received:

“… I have a great uncertainty, I’m close to 40 years old, and I still can not find what I’m passionate about and I have days like today that despair leads me to think crazy things and feel very sad …”

“… I still do not define my purpose within my [multilevel] business and I am exhausted by wishing, trying and not concluding anything …”

Surfing the Web, you will find many beautiful, encouraging, inspiring and wise phrases of great and successful men and women. If you could follow even a fraction of such teachings, you would be a great leader, but we know that this is not the reality.

Where is the defect? How can you transform and improve yourself? And how can you follow the same process in your organization, and/or with the world around you?

In the theoretical part it seems that you are well: you know many things, you attend conferences and workshops, you keep informed of what is going on around you, and most of the universal knowledge is within your immediate reach …

Is not it true that sometimes it seems that you like everything, and that everything is interesting? You throw yourself into many things – too many – and, as you do not know how to focus, you end up having superficial knowledge in many ‘arts’, but without being good at anything … and that makes you like a leaf in the wind, pushed into a future you do not know how to define.

Does this sound familiar?

But dreaming is nice! And it is even nicer to have lovely goals that will change you, and that will give wealth and prosperity to you and your family.

But, there is a HUGE difference between Dreaming and Desiring.

How many are the dreams that are NOT coming true? According to statistics, the MAJORITY.

Although it seems that we all dream, in reality few of us do; most only know how to wish. Desire is generally created – without order – following the impulses or instincts of the mind, and guided by external sensory stimuli – the basis of advertising – and by the internal ones – the desire, dreaming with open eyes, of winning the lottery.

The obsession with money, (I’m not saying you should not have money or that it is bad), so common nowadays, is due to INSECURITY and FEAR to commit, to fail, to leave your comfort zone that you criticize (publicly) but that you love so much (secretly).

Again, does this sound familiar?

If so, there is NOTHING to worry about.

You are a human in a process of transformation, and you still do not know the DIVINE part that is in you. That is good and that is normal. But, when you are truly aware that you are self-deceiving and want to become the ideal Being of your dreams, then and only then will the moment of ACTING have arrived for you …


Give yourself a day, a whole day where you can be with yourself. Inform the most important people in your life that that day you will turn off your cellphone so they do not worry about your silence. Choose a place where you are not in danger, and where there is a lot of nature and tranquility. Take food, water, a notebook, a pen and maybe a plastic or a blanket to sit on the grass.

Calm down and breathe regularly and deeply, calm the agitated waves of your mind.

Depending on your ability to concentrate, it can take you from a few minutes to an hour for the mind to calm down. Remember that this day is for you, so you should not do anything. Look at nature in detail, breathe, feel the pure air that fills your lungs… forget what is in your house, your family, your work, the problems you may have … If your mind still does not understand, tell it that this time is to improve yourself and to improve everything that can now block your progress.

It’s a day/gift for you …

The human mind has five layers. Most of the time you use the first two layers (the conscious layer and the subconscious layer). Today, if you follow these instructions, you can easily reach the third layer, the supra-mental layer. There, among many treasures, you will find intuition and creativity, which you will need to discover what you dream of, and/or what will change your life.

The deep and calm breathing is already beginning to take effect, and you feel more serene and at peace with yourself.

Now that your mind is not noisy, you allow your Consciousness (your Self) to rise from its depth and answer your questions. She KNOWS your truths, values ​​and pillars of your existence and, although she communicates them to you all the time, you do not listen to them because you are dazed and dominated by your mind, and its confusion and material desires.



To discover what you want you can follow one of these three processes (or all three if you want), according to what is easier for you and adapts to your personality:

  • Ask yourself: “What do I really like to do? What gives me the greatest feeling of satisfaction, pleasure or importance? What kind of activity do I enjoy more than any other? “
  • “If there was no way to fail, and if my success was absolutely guaranteed, what would I try, or what would I dare to dream?”
  • Make a list of everything you wish you could be, have or do for the next five years. Imagine that there are no obstacles between you and what you want to achieve.

Also, if you want and for the process to be simpler, you can divide your life in the most important areas: Your Self and Spirituality, Health, Family, Work, Financial Freedom, Service, Education, Free time and hobbies, or any other you consider important.

Let your imagination run freely. Look for quantity and not quality. Do not think if your goals are attainable or not, if they are logical or rational. This is not the time to think about the ‘How’, but what you love and want more than anything.

For example, talking about your health, ask yourself if you are well, if you have extra kilos, what should you do to have perfect health, what should you change or eliminate from your life … etc.

Do the same in all areas of your life.



Now – although you divided it by areas (The Self, Health etc.) – organize your list in order of priorities putting an A, B, C, in front of each goal.

  • The A is an exciting goal and will change, or can change, your life. It is what will give you the happiness you are looking for.
  • B is good to reach, you enjoy reaching it and it is important for you.
  • The C is good to do or have it.
  • The D does not work, D is for Delegate. Delegate them or delete them if possible.

Now copy all your goals classified with the A (from any area) on another blank sheet.

Then, you prioritize them by entering a number (A1, A2, A3, etc.).

The A1 is the most important. It will give you greater happiness, satisfaction and success than any of your goals A. Personally, I advise you that this goal is not based on the material, but on the subtle world, on your Self.

To know what your A1 goal is, ask yourself: “If absolute success in achieving a goal was guaranteed, what would be the goal?”. To discover the A2, follow the same process and ask yourself: “If I could reach something else on this list, what would it be?”; (and thus the same with the A3 etc.).

This is where most people reach. They make a very well-made list, they think they have already achieved the result, and they relax … But this is only the theoretical part.



Now, take the A1 target and transcribe it on another blank sheet.

Make a list of everything you can do to reach that goal. If you have done the process well, you are still with the Consciousness in charge. Write the first thing that comes to mind, without thinking, simply write, with speed, without the mind engaging you in your beliefs and complexes. You will have time to fix what you write and make it beautiful, but this is not the time yet. Write at least ten actions you can do now or in the future to achieve goal A1.

Now analyze each action carefully and reflect if it will really get you closer to reaching your A1 goal. Each of them must be specific and concrete and then you give them a priority a), b), c), d), e), f) … etc.

It seems that everything is done and you have done well. At this moment you are in the company of more than 90% of human beings, dreamers who have beautiful lists, well thought out, well written … and USELESS.

If you want to realize your dreams now is the time to ACT!


PS – Clearly you must follow the same process with the goals A2, A3, A4, and B1, B2, B3. But I advise you not to worry too much about goals B, C or D.

Your real success is in the A1, A2, A3 … and maybe in the A4.

This is the MISTAKE that the majority makes. They focus on the small and finally leave the BIG and IMPORTANT things.



The DIFFERENCE between a dreamer and a DOER is ACTION.

If you have come this far, you are among a restricted group of the elite, the group of successful potentials. Only few write their goals to reach success.

So far your curious mind has been able to help you in the process. But this is the time when you need discipline and perseverance to accomplish what you decided.

Most of us (90-95%), despite having inspiration and motivation, we are PARALYZED in transforming those ideas into ACTION and, although it seems that yes, very soon we transform them into ‘in-ACTION’.



It has not been simple but you have managed to overcome your foolish and lazy mind, you have overcome obstacles and have been persevering, capable and determined.

You reached SUCCESS! Congratulations. You deserve it! I’m talking about ‘your’ success, and it’s not the success of others. You should always think of ‘your’ success, which is what counts most for you.

You are now successful, and you are in a special group. In your new group there are good people, millionaires, community leaders, great innovators, or rebels/lunatics, as well as drug dealers, criminals of all kinds, psychopaths etc.

From this you understand that achieving success does not mean that it is a true success, but that it can be an inflated success of ego and evil.

You must look with sincerity at the mirror of the Soul and with it (the Self) in charge, reflect.

Cicero said: ‘My conscience has more weight for me than the opinion of the whole world’

Because you can not lie to Consciousness …


Because she knows


So I’m talking about the ethics of your success. Have you achieved it using your DISCRIMINATION?

Without discrimination you will not know what is good and bad, nor what is moral and immoral. You will not know what will lead you to well-being for others, or what will hurt you. And the consequence of that will make your action Vicious or VIRTUOUS.



There is inner success – which brings you to your Self and to Supreme Happiness – and external success. External success can be divided into being successful in life in general, also having enough for the prosperity of you and your family, and the greedy success that makes you want more and more wealth, fast cars and suitcases full of money … and sell ​​your soul in the process.

The two successes can coexist, but if the first one is not there, the second is empty and will lead you to mental degeneration. The sad thing is that many, whether due to being young, due to need or due to the dominant materialism, are following people who only talk about money and who do not even realize their Self.



Very good! Now, with your dream clear and your concrete and virtuous actions, although you may have difficulties, challenges, obstacles, problems,