A wise man, if he is not a realized Master, has understood much but is still on the Path.

As an eternal student of life, he knows that there are two types of knowledge: the one that brings him closer to Supreme Happiness, and any other knowledge, whether useful or not.

He learns -and above all practices- always transcendental knowledge, and unlearns all the rest.

If you want wisdom, you must have a beginner’s mind. An expert knows a lot, but can only see what his education, environment and experience have told him to see.

A beginner’s mind, knowing nothing, has a fresh and enthusiastic look, and so it can discover incredible possibilities. It lives constantly with a wonder that cannot be found in the mind that often repeats an action, to the point that this action loses its meaning.

Empty your mind!

TODAY, with a beginner’s mind, look at your partner, son, sibling, colleague or friend!

Look at them free from everything you know about them, look at them as if you were seeing them for the first time. You will discover someone you have not seen for a long time … and maybe you will fall in love again.

Do the same with your work, passion or entrepreneurship.

Remember that only something empty can be filled.

Your mind lives on what has been imposed on it, and it does not know how to see anymore. Fill it with the beauty that surrounds you and that, in the infinite carousel of your existences, changes constantly!